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Don't just Give-up !!

#'Don't just give-up', just the thought of what you want to achieve tomorrow should persuade your efforts,
Believe in results going-on, everything you need will only come over its due course in time,
There is no failure unless you stop trying, reason over the journey and initiate efforts,
that itself, should put you in the Driving Seat,
The lesson over life is never easy, it takes rigorous hardships to build a solid foundation staying afloat over life's challenges, by George Nathaniel
Be inspired to stand your ground, inspire others to resist challenges in Life, believing, they could ascertain results just the way,
Picture the Caterpillar, just when it thought Life was over, it became a Butterfly, Beautiful and Mystic, that's what Life is all about !!

Don't just Give-up !!
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