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The progress in recent developments across all platforms towards revival is the saving grace. Getting through these final phases of the pandemic is the task, but not as Herculean considering the toughest has been phased over, and awareness is building from strength to strength to combat things going ahead in time

Braking off is an importance scenario across many professional platforms which co-relates to personal frontiers. Misfortunes have struck hard and deep, seeing off many engagements in all work avenues as employee, employer or investor and its toll is still counting over these pandemic days. It is tough moments across business avenues as much as personal, but considering things, if braking-off can be a medium to hold professional spaces for a little more time to protect welfare over work engagements and livelihoods, to this at the least

This is a social request to many cushioned in their zones in the shortest words, request to find mediums to hold-on over during this transition period in time, to save the grace of many still holding on their to hopes over livelihood in their professional spheres. If avenues in ways and mediums in retentions can be created to protect welfares in professional environments. Avenues to hold back misfortune and protect the welfares of individuals in their forum or spheres in their professional engagements, all are equally important

The pandemic has shown the worst of its moments to professionals across all areas, aspects, avenues and many are still facing doubts over engagement in their professional spheres,

It can only be taken over efforts to brake-off the chain of misfortune, stand united to  protect the welfare and wellness over a little more time,

Moments have started to revive, economies are setting forth in planning to initiate towards betterment. In simplified words, protect livelihood of individuals engaged over professional frontiers, especially now that working arenas have begun to switch on their lights

Everyone is faced with challenges, many means have been introduced to combat this pandemic, going ahead it will be followed to ensure better livelihood,

It is a time work in togetherness towards building normalcy and stability in lives, if all efforts of priorities can be put on protecting as many work forces in engagement and wellness protected, better times will build over sooner as other re-enforcements also normalise to build moments

As always, heading towards the end of my share, join my hands over valuable minutes to appreciate the endless work of all across platforms globally, putting in their efforts in time to make lives betterment possible and giving their best inspite of all challenges, fold my hands in gratitude over their deeds, remain thankful, best wishes, by George Nathaniel

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