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Take risks, persist with the odds to build your fortune, persistence is a substitute for talent,

It is More the efforts than being perfect,

focus on the positive, time is tough, mostly challenging but don't give up, great things do happen in its time, by George Nathaniel

Brave the rave, life has no remotes, take up the challenge, do what is right, results will follow,

Braving the rave being strong means you'll never let it defeat you, life over situations only demands the strength that you possess,

Strong minds lead a strong Life, Brave the rave now, this is how life is meant to be Lived,

Brave the rave staying strong, brave your efforts and prepare with strength to live the life you imagined,

Make the moments over the day interesting by seeing the ways in which you have been strong,

Nourish that Strength to seal your Victories !!

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