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Nothings is relishing as a day over sunset and looking forward to a day upon sunrise, by George Nathaniel Dream Big, begin by relishing over little wins that makes for a full life, look forward to celebrating success over moments, Successful individuals take time to relish their work, its knowing the value over their efforts which takes time to soak-in over the moments, Relish with tradition the same enthusiasm and energy over every accomplishment, this plays the self motivator, Relish over the pleasure, one' does not relish days but the moments which becomes memorable, NB : Today's Quote is courtesy Ranjan Bose, a friend and regular reader, trust the content meet the fulfillment over the day

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Lezlie Pereira
Lezlie Pereira
Jul 06, 2019

#icream_/relish . #The 'Cream' of everything, is the quality of It's Goodness. Lezlie Pereira /Innersleeve

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