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Key to Livelihood in Containment

Containment is the lengthiest word at this hour, enabling effective time management is the biggest challenge, while moving over the tick of the hour. It is the utmost need of the hour on top priority to focus on all safety, with all precautions while engaging over daily efforts over the course of the day. Loads of effects may surround a simple task or may require to take more focus over every little initiative considering the scenario caused over the pandemic, it is eventually the key to every livelihood

Going with the situation, it seems that most efforts taken over any regular attempts or activities are double over regular process these days, and yet the results don’t seem to reflect over as overwhelming as it is derived over efforts or bigger in any manner. Containment is the challenge over current scenarios faced by every individual, moments of values are sort with its biggest hope over fulfilment ahead in time, it is to be taken in belief that this containment will be surpassed over better times to follow

In reference to the suggestions advised over various valuable time assessments, engaging in enhancement experiences or others available value additions preparation in the way ahead keeping all the compliances over safety on priority

It is difficult times with tough moments across all frontiers of life for everyone across all avenues, the challenge is to comply with all adherences across every aspect and build our belief during this containment to fight off the pandemic, and come out Healthier, Stronger with enhanced personal and professional values developed over the containment period,

Time is taken to be much slower compared over daily busy hectic schedules during the course of regular days, the offering can be made to engage in multitasking available during this slow paced time over regular course of the day, Attend to Attain valuables in the offering to be relished over the time ahead

Experience is task taken over initiatives towards developing values in progressing during this containment, it takes more than a will to develop and attain a skill, thus experiences is the values over the course of all efforts taking this containment into scenario

Goals is life’s economics in situations towards livelihood in containment with eventual progress, and initiating efforts over newer beginnings over every moment on the ticket of time, it is preputial to work towards goals in situations, overcome them and prepare for newer opportunities in the times ahead

Betterment is situational over containment, it’s not infinite to belief that time will not churn newer things with better offerings over tough moments, taking a struggle in efforts towards progressive situations,

Progress is the way sort forward taken over time, built over experiences, with belief in goals and eventually landmarking towards newer spheres in life, all efforts in endless hours of value compiled towards scenarios, And at the end of the event it leads ways to a newer values to be followed over the same circle of process over newer efforts over unknown scenarios

Life is most valuable, containment is a never ending process over scenarios across all spheres in time, it is better valued over fulfilment across commitment in priorities laid over situation of containment, it is important to ensure compliance at every step, if situations demands a little more during its course of containment, it is definite to prepare over better values in time ahead,

The topic is generic to welfare over this challenging period, can be elaborated across various aspects, but choose to keep things simple in maintaining strong faith and belief to comply over containment in scenarios while making efforts to prepare for better times

It is as important over all priorities to take valuable time to join our holds in praying for strength, courage and wellness of all those making livelihood of others through their gallant efforts and as well as for everyone to fight off these difficult Time

Trust this read was as simple as compiled over making our moments lighter and working towards better Times, thanking you, by George Nathaniel,

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