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Mynute of Things - Life’s Ways

There are various ways to know how to balance life, leading a happy life in wellness. Through life experience, we learn the meaning of balancing life….

Mynute of things is holding course for a way prior to action, simple ways of getting clarity in understanding, prior to optimize things to ensure Ways To Balances Life

The various ways to bring the balance back in your life if you feel challenged. Let’s go through the insightful compilation using some basic referrals…

Invest some time in ‘Me Time’, do things that you enjoy is amongst the key tricks of balancing your life or Spend time with your family, friends and people that support you and add meaning to your life....

Let’s give things a quick look…..

Mynutes of Things in October -23 by George Nathaniel
Download PDF • 339KB

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1 Comment

Pink Health
Pink Health
Oct 04, 2023

Good write-up George and it does hold a lot of good to many. Can you elaborate on "Basic referrals" with examples?

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